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Our vision is to enable industry transformation towards autonomous intelligence



It's all about the cameras

Dynim camera platform offers a unique combination of advanced image processing features and hardware acceleration for deep learning algorithms in the embedded NPU unit.


The software application has state-of-art performance as it is optimised for limited-resource edge-device execution. The product portfolio will be expanded to new application domains through maximized platform utilization and extended sensor fusion​.


Dynim's camera product is an industrial stereo camera. The product integrates camera hardware, embedded system and application-specific algorithm and software. A solution is a standalone unit capable of fully independent operation and processing on the edge device without the need for the external processing unit.

The product is graded for heavy industrial use complying international standards and directives. This makes it stand out from most of the solutions in the market.

Dynim's artificial intelligence solutions are tailored projects for customers who want to resolve their current problems. AI solutions are sold through the SaaS business model so companies who want to use AI in their everyday life can now easily access to the world of A. I with us.



Our hardware technology is scalable and affordable 

Robust hardware product design for hostile environments

High quality imaging technology combined with modern deep learning methods

Stereo video imaging and image processing optimised for selected industrial applications

Real-time sensor fusion applications executed on-edge

Deep learning solutions are made to resolve real life problems


Dynim is a Finnish high-tech company developing camera-based sensor fusion solutions and artificial intelligence-based software solutions. 


Our products are industrial stereo camera and artificial intelligence-based video analysis solutions. We built our solutions by closely listening to our potential clients and understanding their expectations with our product.

​Dynim’s competitive advantage is based on core technology foundation such as camera hardware and AI algorithm expertise. 

Dynim team has extensive experience of growing successful businesses and technology ventures in image processing, image sensors and semiconductor processes.


Dynim Oy was established in March 2017. Our headquarters is located in Oulu, Finland.

Globally our key development and manufacturing partners are located in Finland, United States, Russia and Vietnam.

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Dynim’s solutions provide intelligence for the machines, so they know where they are, where they are heading and what lays ahead.



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