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Mountain Ridge


We know your device's relative location in the surrounding 3D environment.

Dynim X SpectacularAI

Real-time visual-inertial odometry with embedded hardware acceleration

Together, Dynim and SpectacularAI can offer a full visual odometry solution.


This state-of-the-art solution includes Dynim's excellent stereo camera hardware (Spark) and SpectacularAI's world-leading software for visual odometry.

The solution produces location information by fusion of camera input and IMU

  • Designed for real-time embedded use cases.

  • Independent of platform vendor services (ARKit, ARCore, etc.)

  • Can leverage embedded DSPs/NPUs for acceleration

  • Supports a wide range of different sensors and devices

  • State-of-the-art accuracy, robustness, and efficiency

Use Cases

Spectacular AI solves challenging problems related to Computer Vision, Spatial AI, Sensor Fusion and SLAM. 


The solution runs real-time on embedded devices. Ideal as input for autonomous navigation. 


Optionally it's possible to fuse RTK-GPS information or other absolute position sources. Allows uninterrupted positioning during GPS outages in, e.g., tunnels or indoor spaces. Accurate orientation (yaw, pitch, roll), even with a single GPS antenna.


SDK can be used for quick real-time mapping and 3D reconstructions on commodity hardware.

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