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Key characteristic

Demanding environments

As a native Nordics, we know that environment can be challenging. From (relatively) hot weather to freezing

temperatures, or from muddy fields to snowy lanes, your technology must work. Therefore our idea was to build a camera that can survive even in the harshest environments.

Unique features

Standalone sensor fusion ready device

Synchronised data flow from the camera pair, IMU, and GNSS sensors, with ROS device drivers

Embedded application and real-time processor for user specific applications and and neural engine for machine learning

Compression unit for efficient stereo image streaming

Complete IP classified platform for harsh outdoor conditions

250mm Baseline, Range up to 30m

Deep learning applications, such as object detection and object recognition

Expandability with Ethernet, CAN FD interfaces

Customer SDK included

Option to integrate device into customer system for maximum level of integration.

Field of view is customisable through lens selection

Why global shutter?

Global shutter

Rolling shutter

The rolling shutter scans the image sequentially line by line, so it doesn't record the scene simultaneously. It means that when there is moving objects in the background, it creates significant motion artifacts.


Global shutter removes this problem because it records all image data simultaneously. Therefore global shutter camera is a must in moving vehicles.


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