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Artificial intelligence

We have completely revamped our way of doing artificial intelligence solutions. We believe that everyone should enjoy the benefits that artificial intelligence brings.

Therefore now we want to give our expertise into your hands. We want to be your partner in developing artificial intelligence solutions that really solve your needs and makes your work more efficient. 

And the best part of this is a way how we do it. 

Because we want everyone to benefit from AI, we offer our expertise with Software as a Service business model. This allows our customers to start exploring the possibilities of deep learning without big investments.


Here is a simple example of how it works:

How does it work?


Idea or problem

You have an great idea how make your work more intelligent or you have a problem which need to be solved


Contact us

Contact us about your need. Don't be shy with your needs because we like challenges.


Meeting with us

Together with you we start to resolve your need and figure out how we can utilize AI to make it possible.


Sign the deal

When we have a solid plan, we make you an offer.

When you accept it, we start to develop AI software for you. 



Now you can enjoy the results with paying monthly subscription for the software.

Customer benefits


Improved quality of care through efficient use of resources

Square Stage

Optimization of home care processes and care planning


Getting more out of existing equipment and available data

Blue to Cream Gradient

Real-time situational awareness 24/7 

Geometeric Graph

Low initial investment required

Our reference solutions

Reference project #1

Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO)

Visual navigation for vehicles.


Visual-Inertial Odometry (VIO) estimates the position, velocity and orientation of a vehicle or robot by using only the input of Spark stereo camera. VIO is crucial when GPS signal is lost or distorted e.g. due to foliage or buildings and accelerometers starts to drift. In these scenarios there is no way of telling if the vehicle is stationary or not. Or if the speed of the vehicle has really changed, or is it only due to accelerometer drift. Therefore VIO is the only viable alternative to GPS and lidar-based odometry to achieve accurate state estimation. 


Relatively cheap
Works when GPS signal is lost

Reference project #2

Hardware and software to extract heart- and respiratory rate from the video stream.

Artificial intelligence

Bio-Signs solution for the Health care industry.


Our real-time AI-powered video analysis augments human vision for health monitoring. The software uncovers vital body signs from the video in seconds. These signs are heart rate and breathing rate.

Bio-Signs monitors patient’s important vital data, making it available to medical staff and the designed caretaker. The data is obtained by the camera without sending the video feed.


State-of-the-art performance
Contactless measurement

Reference project #3

Hardware and software to extract core temperature from the human face


State-of-the-art performance
Contactless measurement
Performance is the same as in commercial forehead thermometers

Reference project #4

Secure face recognition

Dynim developed a method for GDPR compliant AI-based face recognition.


In the application, the face was encoded in the travel ticket QR code, such that ticket ownership could be verified without actual face image storage.

Dynim methodology can be used to track persons, without storing an actual image of the person, anywhere.

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