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Autonomous mining

The capability of creating photo-realistic 3D models using on-board sensors on unmanned vehicles will improve the operators’ situational awareness. This is crucial element in automated mining applications.

inside cave

Harvest control

With stereo vision and in-built Neural processing unit, Spark can be used to do inspections in manufacturing applications, sorting timber during harvesting, surveillance, fruit grading, yield prediction, and harvesting operations.

Excavator moving logs in forest

Cargo monitoring

Spark can be launched as a 3D cargo monitoring device that can determine relevant logistical parameters of cargo compartment conditions such as free load meters, free cargo space and volume of cargo.

Loading Cargo

Automated guided vehicles

For AGV's customers can use Spark for real-time detection of its surroundings.  It can be used on robots, tractors, and delivery drones for obstacle avoidance and also navigation & mapping.

Excavator Tractor

Precision farming

Spark offers possibility to use visual odometry in precision farming. In precision agriculture, innovative cost-effective technologies and new improved solutions, aimed at making operations and processes more reliable, robust and economically viable can be achievable with Spark.

Farming Field
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